Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2017 - Meeting Minutes

  • Next Membership Meeting will be held at Spring Conference in Alexandria on 5/4/18.

AHCEM General Membership Meeting Minutes

Friday November 10, 2017 Hutchinson Health, Hutchinson, MN

Meeting was called to order by President Pat Chamberlain at 11:15 a.m.

  • Agenda distributed.
  • Committee Reports

Recorder: Marilyn Craig reported:

  • 5/5/17 Membership Meeting Minutes distributed. Motion to approve by Mary Leyk and seconded by Sandy Luehrs.

Treasurer's Report: Rachel Squibb reported:

  • Reviewed account balances as of 11/10/17.
  • To date we show an overall operating loss.
  • We will recover the Information Manager Fee of $3,500 annually with the decision not to replace the position.
  • We will receive additional income in 2017 for 2018 membership renewals.
  • Account Balances (checking & savings): $9,685.
  • We've heard positive feedback from members on the use of Event Bright for this conference, however we haven't experienced how it works with payments through it since no one paid to attend today's event. (All members)
  • Introduced "Change for Change" bucket and passed around for donations.

Program Chair: Anna Harvala reported:

  • AHCEM Spring Conference is set for Friday, May 4th at Douglas County Hospital in Alexandria MN. Members are encouraged to share ideas for a speaker or content.
  • Please "like" the AHCEM Facebook page and share postings. This is a great way to connect and spread the word.

Communication: Mary Leyk reported:

  • We currently have 27 members - 2 new members since last summer.
  • Membership drive in December - would recommend a "Black Friday" special the end of the year as done in 2016.
  • An update of our website is in the works. Mary demonstrated what it looks like so far and included a revised logo.
  • Pat Chamberlain commented that the Mary Leyk's phone number is currently being used for AHCEM. Pat also thanked Mary for all of her hard work on the logo and website design.

Hospitality: Janine Brostrom had nothing to report.

President Elect: None at this time

Past President: Pat Chamberlain is also our current president.

President: Pat Chamberlain reported:

  • Looking for President Elect for 2018 to serve as President in 2019.
  • Pat was in contact with Laura Majcin who was nominated for President Elect. She's interested in learning more about the responsibilities and time commitment. Pat has reached out to her, but heard nothing back.
  • Information was shared about the responsibilities and benefits.
  • The remainder of the Board Members will retain their positions in 2018.
  • Next Board Meeting will be held on 3/16/18.
  • Next Membership Meeting will be held at Spring Conference in Alexandria on 5/4/18.
  • Additional Board Meeting in 2018 on 9/21; Additional Membership Meeting and Education session on 11/9/18.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Rachel Squibb and seconded by Mary Leyk. Meeting adjourned at 11:45.

Respectfully submitted, Marilyn Craig, Recorder